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Toma Group

Toma TowerToma Construction & Co. Ltd. (TCCL) is one of the leading and reputed construction conglomerates in Bangladesh. Toma Construction & Co. Ltd. is a member of Toma Group. The Company has 25 years of experience and developed into a professional construction team that specializes in Bridges, Flyovers, Foundations, heavy civil construction, Jetty, Roads, Railway Tracks, Food grain Silo and other related infrastructures. Since its inception, the company has completed a good number of remarkable projects of various authorities in Bangladesh. TCCL’s Philosophy remains focused on delivering a safe, quality project in the most productive and efficient manner. The company is operating in more than 30 locations across the country. It has around 6,000 employees and an annual turnover of BDT more than 1000 crore.

TCCL believes that global competition, coupled with concerns about climate change, is creating an important new mandate for technology innovation, exceptional customer service and strong policy leadership. We are investing in new technologies, expanding our use of technology for customers and ensuring that our customer service is among the best in the construction industry. For decades, the company has dedicated extensive resources to a continuous development and upgrading of its extensive construction equipment ranging from small Mixture Machine to Heavy Rail Temping Machine covering Foundations, Bridges, Marine-Jetty, Railway Tracking & Bridges, Road building & Heavy Civil Construction, etc.

TCCL’s growing engagement in high value works, sound pas record in terms of debt servicing, ability to undertake large value work by forming joint venture and in-house development in terms of new technology & machineries further succeeded to strengthen its position. TCCL’s large volume of equipments, big fleet of construction vehicles with latest technology has developed its ability to undertake any large construction works of any structures in Foundations, Bridges, Marine, Railway, Road building & Heavy Civil Construction, etc.

We are confident that future holds good prospects for the construction sector. As a developing country, Bangladesh needs huge infrastructure development. Construction activities are expected to gain momentum in near future. Accordingly, TCCL would apply all its strategies to exploit the situation and achieve even better growth.

With its prolific expansion, Toma Construction & Co. Ltd. (TCCL) today operates as one of the leading Construction Conglomerates in Bangladesh in the fields of:

  • Construction and maintenance of Bridges and Flyovers
  • Construction and maintenance of Roads & Highways, Underpasses etc.
  • Construction of all sorts of Building Structures including - commercial Office & Shopping Malls, Residential Apartments, Resorts etc. including high rise buildings
  • Railway Tracks, Sleepers, Bridges, Station Buildings, Signallings and other ancillary works
  • Marine Docks, Jetty
  • Food grain Silo
  • Embankment & river protection works, etc.

TCCL has been working at different Ministries and Authorities of the Bangladesh Government as 1st class Qualified Contractor with Pre-Qualifications where necessary and Unlimited Tender Power for any category. Eventually, TCCL performed works under all Government and Non-Governemtn Organizations and Authorities of the country, some of which are stated henceforth

  1. Bangladesh Railway (BR)
  2. Public Works Department (PWD)
  3. Roads & Highways Department (RHD)
  4. Military Engineering Services (MES)
  5. Bangladesh Water Development Board (BWDB)
  6. Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh (CAAB)
  7. Health Engineering Department (HED)
  8. Local Government Engineering Department (LGED)
  9. Rajdhani Unnayan Katripakhya (RAJUK)
  10. Dhaka City Corporation (DCC)
  11. Chittagong Port Authority of Bangladesh (CPAB)
  12. Department of Public Health Engineering (DPHE)

In some projects TCCL worked jointly with renowned International Concerns and experts as its partners under consortium.

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Still we have our Hot Line (Call Centre/ Help Desk) number : GP 01755667070 besides Robi Number 01866667070.

March 10, 2015March 10, 2015
Toma Group

Still we have our Hot Line (Call Centre/ Help Desk) number : GP 01755667070 besides Robi Number 01866667070. You are kindly requested to call these numbers to avail Toma Taxi at your door steps.

Construction of a concrete grain silo at Mongla Port with ancillary facilities (50000 MT Capacity)

March 10, 2015


A contract was signed on 1st March 2015 between LGED and Toma Construction & Co. Ltd.

March 10, 2015

A contract was signed on 1st March 2015 between LGED and Toma Construction & Co. Ltd. for "Construction of Khulna Coal Based Power Plant Connecting Road " at LGED H/Q under Bangladesh Power Development Board. Mr. Shyama Prosad Adhikari, Chief Engineer, LGED and other LGED high officials were also present on that occasion.