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Flyover & Bridges

The purpose of the project is to facilitate north-south traffic movement by increasing the traffic carrying capacity of Satrasta, FDC, Moghbazar, Mouchak, Santinagar, Malibag road and Moghbazar, Malibag two rail intersections. The proposed flyover will connect those intersections. The total length of the Flyover will be about 8.25 km.

In co-ordination with the Strategic Transport Improvement Project, a Feasibility Study of the project has been conducted with the Grant of Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development (KFAED) and found feasible. In the Strategic Transportation Plan (STP) report the project is mentioned as “Construction of flyover at Malibagh-Mogbazar (Combined)”, Infrastructural project No.-64, and it is recommended that it should be implemented in Phase-1 (2005 to 2009). Implementation of the project, “Construction of Moghbazar-Mouchak (Combined) Flyover”, will reduce traffic congestion at central parts, such as Mogbazar, Mouchak, etc, of Dhaka City

Key Areas