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Social Contribution

Toma Construction strives to realize corporate social values by making a happier world for everyone through sharing and ethical practice.

We are committed to becoming a beloved company by practicing the management of sharing and sympathy for our various stakeholders, including shareholders, local communities, and global citizens.


Toma Construction strives to become a beloved company by creating a better world for our neighbors through promoting sustainable living.


Better Residence’ program to create better living spaces

‘One & One’ program to support the children of socially-neglected families

Support for Educational Facilities in Foreign Poverty Regions to support educational infrastructure in countries where we operate

As we march through, we create obligations and a sense of responsiveness towards the people and the society where we dwell to your day to day living. While we craft your Engineering Ventures for the mass generation and clutures, we also allow a corner of your humanity to support those special ones who are neglected and needs support. This social responsiveness has allowed us to motivate our ways to support the orphans, the poor and the sick, We are in touch with these needy at different regions, supporting them regularly to try to create a dream for them to have a brighter future awaiting them

Maa Amena Ashrom

Accommodation for more than 100 Orphans including Medicare, Health and Sanitation and Proper diets.

More than 100 elderly senior citizens are accommodated with all necessary Healthcare and nursing supports round the clock.

A well decorated Prayer Hall.

A Madrasa for Islamic Studies, Orphans and General mass.

All Services, Personnel, Medicare, Health care and Food are free of cost for the recipients as a for welfare from Toma Group.